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One Stop Health Service Hub for people experiencing homelessness

We are proud to partner with The Footpath Library on their new project, ‘One Stop Health Service Hub’ Sydney. The Hub will be a place where people who are experiencing homelessness or disadvantage can go to access a range of services such as:
- Legal aid
- Health assessments or check-ups
- Dental services
- Counselling
- Hairdresser/barber
- Street Veterinarian
- Births, Deaths and Marriages services
- Scribes (to assist with forms, letters and documents)
- Books and reading glasses (supplied by The Footpath Library).
This exciting initiative is in the process of becoming reality by the end of 2021!
We are looking forward to sharing more details over the coming months

Big Milestone News

Here at Sheargold Foundation we are really excited to have reached a big milestone this year!

Our passion is supporting charitable organisations to implement and roll out their programs within the education and mental health spaces. Ultimately by doing this we hope to be able to play a part of making a positive lasting impact in the lives of the people that each organisation supports.

This year for the first time our total grants have exceeded $100,000

We have the great honour of working with the following charities; Story Factory, Delta Therapy Dogs, Room to Read Australia, Top Blokes Foundation, KidsXpress, The Footpath Library and finally our newest grant partner Street Library Australia.

We look forward to sharing their stories and the great work each organisation is achieving over the coming weeks.




Room to Read COVID-19 ‘Emergency Appeal’

Sheargold Foundation has contributed $10,000 towards the Room to Read 'Emergency Appeal' to help respond to the impacts of COVID-19 on the students Room to Read supports.
The COVID-19 pandemic is having a huge impacts on student learning across the world, but students in low-income areas will be the most negatively affected. In these countries, governments have been less able to provide remote learning opportunities and guidance to teachers to address student learning needs during the crisis.
Room to Read’s new distance learning programs are serving as an essential lifeline to the world’s most vulnerable children. To facilitate learning in this environment, Room to Read provides human connectivity via the channels that are most accessible to low-income children, including telephone, radio and TV broadcasts, as well as text messaging and the distribution of hard copies of educational materials