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New Generation of Giving 2015 London and Geneva Study Tour

We have come to the end of an incredible week of the 2015 'New Generation of Giving London and Geneva Study Tour'. What a truly inspirational and moving week we have had learning from experts in the field about the current and emerging trends in the philanthropic space, as well as making life long friendships and connections.

My highlights of the trip included;
- Sara Llewellin, CEO of 'Barrow Cadbury Trust' talk about their aim to promote social justice through grant making, research, influencing public policy and supporting local communities in the UK. 
- Caroline Mason, CEO of 'Esmee Fairbairn Foundation’ talk about is one of the largest grant-making foundations in the UK as well as their involvement the area of social investments. 
- Bridges Ventures looks at sustainable and impact investment. One organisations they have invested in (through the Social Impact Bond Fund) in particular who are achieving great thing in the area of Education & Skills includes 'Teens and Toddlers Innovation Program' which aims to support disadvantaged 14-19 year olds by partnering them with toddlers in a local nursery, offering an opportunity for responsible and empathy and allowing young people to act as a role model. Which intern improves their own school attendance and attainment. 
- And final listening to the passionate panel from OAK Foundation Geneva talk about their long term mission to address the issues of global social and environmental concern, particularly those that have a major impact on the lives of the disadvantaged on a global scale. OAK Foundation are an inspiring organisation for the Sheargold Foundation to look up to going forward.

There is so much learning and social advancement to be gained through sharing of information, ideas and working in collaboration with other like minded organisation and individuals to try to make a difference in our world. Every effort no matter how big or small goes a long way in changing our world for the better.

Visit to Sydney Children’s Hospital with Delta Society Australia

What an incredibly moving, inspiring and life changing experience the Sheargold Foundation had yesterday through having the opportunity to visit the Sydney Children's Hospital, Randwich with Delta Society Australia. 
It was great to see first hand the impact the Volunteers and their dogs are having on the lives of the children who are receiving treatment. Words cannot describe the look on the children’s faces when they saw little Winnie the Shih Tzu x Poodle coming towards them to say hello. 
For many of these children it is one of the only times in their day when they get to forget about everything they are going through. Sometimes all we need is a warm, furry hug from a four-legged friend to know everything is going to be ok. 
Keep up the amazing work Delta Society Australia

The Social Outfit Celebrates their 1st Birthday

The Social Outfit celebrated their first birthday with a FASHION SHOW!

They showcased the skills and talents of their sewing technicians and features the print designs of Eloise Rapp and the Karen-Burmese community.