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The Social Outfit Celebrates their 1st Birthday

The Social Outfit celebrated their first birthday with a FASHION SHOW!

They showcased the skills and talents of their sewing technicians and features the print designs of Eloise Rapp and the Karen-Burmese community.

Foundation Featured in Delta Newsletter

Sheargold Foundation is happy to be featured in this months Delta Tails Newsletter

Sheargold Foundation hoping to inspire philanthropy in the younger generation

Delta Society has been awarded one of the first Sheargold Foundation grants to support more therapy dog teams and bring the joy of animal companionship to those who need it most.

The Sheargold Foundation gives back to the community and supports inspiring and worthwhile organisations. Lauren Sheargold, CEO is hoping that the work of The Sheargold Foundation will encourage younger generations to support non-profit organisations. “In today’s economic environment, it is hard for younger people to pursue their philanthropic interests, however The Sheargold Foundation is hoping to inspire others to give to charities and reap the benefits of being able to assist those in need. The benefactors of tomorrow just don’t happen, they have to be cultivated. We hope that giving back will start to become part of the younger generation’s value system”.

Delta Society is excited to be working in partnership with such a forward thinking Foundation. This grant will enable us to recruit and place more Sydney therapy dog teams in hospitals, aged care facilities and mental health units.

Announcement: First Grants

The Sheargold Foundation are proud to announce our first ever grants have been made to two incredibly inspiring and worthy organisations 
The Social Outfit and Delta Society Australia
We look forward to long and exciting partnerships together.