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7.30 Report - The story behind ‘Where There’s a Will’

Link below to the 7.30 Report piece from the 4th of January 2016. The Report covers how the suicide of Will Carrigan, 24, prompted his parents to start a campaign in their rural community to introduce what is known as 'positive education' to help young people with mental illness.

Positive Education Forum - Scone High School

The Sheargold Foundation are very proud to have been a part of the Positive Education Information forum that took place at Scone High School on Monday 28/11/2016. The forum showcased how the introduction of ’Positive Education’ programs into 21 schools in the Upper Hunter will allow the community to make a positive change to mental illness. ‘Positive Education gives equal importance to student happiness and wellbeing, along with academic achievements. it is underpinned by the science of Positive Psychology, seeking to identify strengths, skills and social contexts to enable the individual and community to thrive’.

We are honoured to be onboard to support PESA (Positive Education Schools Association) and ’Where there’s a Will’ to establish the Upper Hunter as a Positive Education Hub. A community in which to support, invest and research the implementation of positive education over a three-year period.

Delta visit to Wesley Heights Nursing

“Love is not patronising and charity isn't about pity, it is about love. Charity and love are the same -- with charity you give love, so don't just give money but reach out your hand instead.” ― Mother Teresa
Today I had the opportunity to see first hand the heartfelt work two of the Delta Society Australia volunteers and their four legged friends are doing at Wesley Heights Nursing Home and how much of a difference it is making it the lives of the residence they spend time with. 
I take my hat off to all the incredible volunteers out there who give up their time to help another human in need. Thank you.