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Ensuring children can continue to Learn through COVID

For millions of the world’s most vulnerable children access to education remains in jeopardy due to the COVID pandemic.
Many Schools remain closed, and students have little to no access to the remote learning support they need to keep up with their studies. This means many children will struggle to catch up after prolonged school closures.
Sheargold Foundation is supporting Room to Read & Room to Read Australia with their ‘Remote learning efforts’ in supporting the areas of greatest need. This program provides the flexibility to adapt program delivery and reach students through unique solutions like the digital library, radio and TV programming, remote mentoring for girls, support for parents via phone and more. Therefore, ensuring children can continue to learn, whether they are at home or in the classroom.

‘Stepping Up’ Mentoring programs in the Illawarra region

This year we are partnering with Top Blokes Foundation to roll out two new ‘Stepping Up’ Mentoring programs in the Illawarra region for at-risk and disengaged boys in grades 5 & 6
The ‘Stepping Up’ program aims to address many of the emerging social issues facing boys, as well as help them develop key social and decision-making skills. Top Blokes Foundation work closely with the schools to focus on the topics covered over the 8-week program

One Stop Health Service Hub for people experiencing homelessness

We are proud to partner with The Footpath Library on their new project, ‘One Stop Health Service Hub’ Sydney. The Hub will be a place where people who are experiencing homelessness or disadvantage can go to access a range of services such as:
- Legal aid
- Health assessments or check-ups
- Dental services
- Counselling
- Hairdresser/barber
- Street Veterinarian
- Births, Deaths and Marriages services
- Scribes (to assist with forms, letters and documents)
- Books and reading glasses (supplied by The Footpath Library).
This exciting initiative is in the process of becoming reality by the end of 2021!
We are looking forward to sharing more details over the coming months