Our Purpose


At Sheargold we believe our role is to deliver spaces that inspire you everyday!

Our purpose is to deliver projects and properties that create spaces which inspire you everyday. That vision is built on four pillars that represent the values which we hold dear.

  • It's all about People
  • Exceeding Expectations
  • Delivering with Integrity
  • Creating the Future

They are the benchmark by which we measure ourselves and our actions having been inspired by our learning and experience over many years. They focus us on creating spaces where you can belong, feel loved and live a happy and fulfilling life.


It's all about people

  • Communities not suburbs
  • Real and authentic experiences
  • Spaces that offer better lifestyle
  • Social experiences to encourage the development of the local community
  • Safety and security
  • Going the extra mile
  • Feel our dedication


Exceeding Expectations

  • Design inspiring spaces that offer high quality living environments
  • Create socially, environmentally and economically responsible masterplans for the people
  • Carefully selecting project locations
  • Genuine value adds
  • Improving your way of life not imposing our way of life
  • Offer a range of diverse product and price points
  • Offer industry first products- the latest and the best
  • Exceeding industry customer standards


Delivering with Integrity

  • Our word is our bond
  • Focus on detail
  • Do it once, do it well
  • Provide High quality and Good Value
  • Be agile


Creating the Future

  • Understand future trends and impacts and incorporate positives into our spaces
  • Understand human behaviours (needs and wants)
  • Ensure a long term outlook
  • Provide customers with adequate information about our vision and our delivery to provide evidence of our sincerity
  • Focusing on the now to seal goodwill for the future